WoWonder v3.1.3 – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform

WoWonder – a big CMS update for creating a social network is available for download. Supports caching, registration and entry through social. networks, communities, flash games, hashtags, profiles, likes, quick search, multilingual (including Russian), API, and more.

WoWonder – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform + Facebook Invite Addon For WoWonder+Windows Application


Version 3.1.3 12/04/2021
  • [Added] real-time notification system.
  • [Improved] server load & site speed.
  • [Removed] All PHP ajax intervals, and loops from clinet end (if nodejs enabled) and replaced to realtime web socket.
  • [Fixed] 3+ reported bugs.
  • [Fixed] bugs in API.
Version 3.1.2 28/03/2021
  • [Added] support for PHP 8.0+ and MySQL 8.0
  • [Added] new ajax load system for admin panel, now admin panel pages are loaded thru ajax.
  • [Updated] nodejs chat system, now users can see typing action on messages user list, real time avatar update, name, and status.
  • [Updated] S3 / Spaces libraries.
  • [Improved] speed on PHP 8.0
  • [Fixed] 20+ reported bugs.
  • [Fixed] bugs in API

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