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Triple chocolate mousse cake




For cake:

eggs: 5 pieces

powdered sugar: 150 g

Wheat flour: a hundred thirty five g

Uns-weetened  powder cocoa: 15 g

For ganache:

liquid cream: 20 cl

Daark chocolate: 200 grams

For glaze:

Peanut oil: 8 cl

Dark chocolate: 150 grams

Order forms:

Soft butter: 10 grams

Wheat flour: 10 g

Enough for 6 people


For cookie:

First preheat the oven to 200°C (67), then add butter and flour to the pot.2 Next, mix the flour and cocoa powder.Boil 3 eggs and sugar in a blender until the mixture is very foamy and triples. four. Please blend the flour and cocoa combination into the powder with the assist of Marie, pour the cake into the pan immediately. five. After it’s far cooked, bake it at 200 ° C for 20 minutes. Leave it absolutely cool.

For ganache:

You take a salad bowl and put it in chocolate chips. 2- Put the cream in a saucepan and permit it boil, ensuring to pour 1/2 of of it over the chocolate pieces. Now that the chocolate is melted, lightly stir, beginning withinside the middle of the bowl and working in the direction of the edges.

Add the last cream and continually remember to calm down.

Ice cream:

Butter and chocolate should be soaked in a double pot.

To decorate:

After it cools absolutely, reduce it into three slices, ensure to position a layer of ganache among every slice of cake, then practice a layer of ganache last, now you may pour the hot facet dish on pinnacle and use it to cowl the entire cake.   2- Leave the cream in a fab place and continually provide spare parts.

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Enjoy !


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