Roast pasilla Chile until slightly blackened and put in a plastic bag. Let them rest for 10 minutes then peel (do not run under water). Cut a slit downward halfway down the pasilla chile and set aside.
Make salsa:
Add tomatoes, serrano chiles, garlic, cilantro and salt to taste to blender. Blend until very slightly chunky. In a pot add oil allow oil to heat then add the salsa mixture to the pot, add a little water and cook.
Prepare stuffing:
Dice onions, little bit of corn, serrano chiles, cilantro and saute with minced garlic. When that is done sauteing add shrimp, butter and chicken bouillon to taste. When shrimp is done use it to stuff the pasilla chile along with Monterey Jack cheese.
Beat egg whites until fluffy. Add yoke to the egg whites with salt and pepper then mix.
Lightly dust the pasilla chile with flour (dust off any excess flour). Dip the already stuffed pasilla chile into the beated eggs and fry until all sides are golden brown.
Serve on plate, add cheese, salsa and if you have any shrimp mixture left add on top of chile relleno. Then Enjoy!!!!!!

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