Plain Shrimp & Cheese Nachos




Cook shrimp according to package directions.

While shrimp is baking in its packet. If making fresh guacamole, do so now (avocado, lime juice, salt, garlic, diced avocado, red pepper) or cut up your avocado to add to the is (yum).

On a baking sheet or in a cast iron pan or oven-safe pan, add tortilla chips, scatter cheese, jalapenos, and scallions (you can do layers. (If adding any type of bean do so now).
Set aside.

Once shrimp is done, drain the juice (you can save it for tossing with pasta the next day).

Scatter shrimp over the nachos and bake at 350 just until cheese melts.

Remove from oven, add queso Blanco, guacamole or avocado, pico or tomatoes, and whatever else you would like to add.

Drizzle with Mexican table cream (if you choose), scatter parsley or cilantro and enjoy straight away!

Enjoy !!

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